The company are equipped with modern laboratory to undertake research and development which are generally directed towards production optimum and keep up with international plastic technology, economically. SPLP has developed system which embraces a series of planned activities that are designed to ensure customer's satisfaction in company's products and services. Stict quality control is applied to incoming raw materials and high standardization is set to material passed to production lines. Finished goods have pass the quality Assurance final test before it reaches the customer. Nowadays SPLP has produces various types of PVC and XLPE compounds which meet the National Indonesia Standard Specification and International Standard Specification.


The company utilizes Fully Automatic Conveying Track, a high techology in production process which is completely hands free. At present, SPLP has three lines productions for PVC compound and one line for XLPE. The company has a large warehouse to store finished goods and is supported with reliable transpartation. The facility enable the company to send order to customer in time frame.