XLPE Compound


XLPE Compound is an insulation raw material for cable application. It is to be used for low voltage with maximum voltage 1 kV, such as : twisted cable 6 mm2 up to 90 mm2. it is applied also as outer layer of overhead cable up to 13 kV.

XLPE compound has good crosslinking with sufficient antioxidant and other stabilizer. It is available used for copper or alluminium conductor. XLPE can be colored with all kind colour of XLPE masterbatch, and it can be loaded up to 3% carbon black content.

Table Properties
Product XLPE Compound

Properties Unit
 Tensile Strength 
( N/mm2
( % ) 
 Under Load 
 ( gr/10 min ) 
 After Cooling 
  SPLN 41-9 
  SPLN 41-9 
  SPLN 41-9 
  SPLN 41-9 
  Hot Set Test
( N/mm2/cm2 at 200oC)
  Hot Set Test
( N/mm2/cm2 at 200oC) 
Min. 12.5
Min. 200


PVC Coumpound Insulation are supplied in 25 kg .
Store in a cool dry place to prevent the moisture absorbtion.

                      25 kg